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How Important Is Employee Engagement in a Company?

Employee engagement matters for all types of organizations, big and small. Though it may be defined differently by supervisors and employees, employee engagement is simply the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization. 

This includes feeling connected to their workplace, those in leadership roles, and their colleagues. When an employee is engaged, they care deeply for the organization and often exceed goals.

Here’s how employee engagement impacts your employees and how it benefits your business:

1. It Deepens Employee Connectivity

Engaged employees are more deeply connected to the business because they feel they are a valued contributor to the business. They feel they have a purpose and a clear vision of the goal they are trying to accomplish. When there’s a shared sense of purpose, they work harder to achieve their goals and have a greater sense of pride. They also want to see their colleagues succeed when they feel connected to their colleagues.

Engaged employees become brand ambassadors and often speak up about how great it is to work for the organization. Employees who don’t feel connected to the business leading to criticism both internally and externally. Internally, people feed off one another’s energy and we all know attitude is contagious. Externally, it can make or break potential and even current client relationships. 

2. It Creates a Sense of Pride

There’s a big difference between employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Satisfaction measures whether or not employees are happy with the company’s practices and procedures, even if they think the company is going nowhere. On the other hand, employee engagement is about employees taking ownership of their work and contributing to the success of the organization.

Engaged employees have a strong sense of pride in the organization and their work. They’ve bought into the mission and are champions of company culture through living organizational values. There’s a sense of mutual trust that’s established and reciprocated commitment to act with integrity.  Engaged employees take pride in their work and genuinely want to see their colleagues, leaders, and customers succeed.

3. It Promotes Productivity

According to a Gallup study, when employees are disengaged, it costs workplaces 34% of the individual’s salary through higher absenteeism, lowered productivity, and less profitability. . Engaged employees proactively solve challenges, better adapt and overcome adversity, and authentically want to contribute to achieving more wins. There’s a stronger sense of ownership and deepened level of commitment. They will go the extra mile to achieve and even exceed their goals.

4. It Helps Recruiting and Retention

When an organization has engaged employees, it’s more likely to have a strong employer brand and easily attract qualified candidates. Looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, as society continues to reach new levels of achievement, there will be a growing need for employers to provide more than just a safe and healthy workplace that pays the bills. 

Employers will need to add more depth in terms of how their organization is contributing to the greater good of society, providing career growth, adding flexibility, operating with empathy, and even carving out opportunities for team members to search for deeper meaning in their lives.

The superficial engagement strategies are a thing of the past and this will require employers to really know and understand the unique needs of their workforce in order to best tailor an employee experience to meet their needs. 


Employee engagement matters for all types of organizations because it improves employee performance, employee loyalty, retention, and productivity. Employees feel connected, take pride in their work, and are more productive when engaged in the organization. These benefits are good for both the organization and the employees.

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