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How Digital HR Can Help Your Business Attract and Keep Talent

Human Resources

Nowadays, many business processes are going through a digital transformation. This may be through analytics, mobile, and more. With HR automation gaining more popularity than ever, it’s safe to assume that the human resources department is not far behind in such transformations. 

Business leaders expect their HR to be able to adapt their talent strategies and deliver measurable results. 

Human Resources teams must go digital to attract, engage, and retain talent.

Here’s how a digital HR transformation can help your business in four main areas: 

Talent Acquisition

There are millions of job openings worldwide, and the competition is fierce.

In the past, companies used to hire from job boards or other organizations. However, that process was often time-consuming, costly, and ineffective.

In the digital era, the way companies hire talent is changing. More and more companies now rely on recruiting automation platforms to start the candidate screening process.

These platforms provide recruiting software as a service (SaaS). Recruiting companies can then deploy or access pre-built, fully functional talent acquisition software applications.

Such platforms allow recruiters to focus on the hiring process rather than on managing the software.

They offer online and mobile tools that automate and streamline the recruitment process. That way, companies can save time and improve their hiring experience.

By adopting talent acquisition automation platforms, companies can now pay attention to what’s critical: the candidate’s experience.

Talent Management 

Today, employees are demanding and expecting more from their employers. They’re taking advantage of various channels to connect with their employers and share their ideas and feedback.

Businesses are now aiming to transform their talent management.

Talent management automation platforms are designed to help them achieve their goals. They can now plan, execute and track their employee engagement campaigns.

The platforms offer personalized employee recognition programs. They help businesses reach their employees across the globe via email, mobile, or SMS.

With these platforms, companies can also generate an internal referral program.

HR can now compare notes on employees’ performance. They can also ask for feedback and track it.

With technology in place, HR departments can deliver value to the business, which can lead to a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

Talent Engagement

Engagement has become more than a one-size-fits-all experience. It’s also about caring for the whole person and providing the freedom to enjoy a well-rounded life.

This is not only appealing to employees, but it also helps to promote business growth and positive culture that can directly lead to increased performance.

The mobile workforce has empowered the whole workforce, not just its management.

Talent engagement automation platforms help to foster meaningful connections that include employees, managers, and HR.

They are designed to help companies keep talent engaged and motivated, even when they’re not in the office physically.

Talent Retention

Employee turnover is a costly, complex problem. That’s why it’s so important for HR departments to retain talent.

The more connected HR is with its employees, the more empowered and engaged they are, which in turn helps to improve and retain talent.

With talent retention automation platforms, HR can focus more on keeping employees happy and engaged.

These platforms help to build and strengthen employee relationships. This can be through gamification, personality tests, or even internal contests.

HR can now see how employees feel about their company and managers. With employee feedback software, HR can adjust its strategies to address employees’ needs better and improve the overall employee experience.


The human resources department can and should be more than just a place for benefits and policies.

Digital HR transformation can give a voice to the employees, enabling the Human Resources department to provide a better work experience.

By using digital platforms, you can help your employees connect and communicate with your organization and each other. You can also manage their performance and feedback and track their engagement.

As a result, they’ll be more satisfied, and your organization can become more competitive.

Is your U.S. company ready for a digital HR transformation? POPS Enabled can help you. As a trusted HR consulting firm, we can help your organization find and utilize the right technology so you can get the results you want. Get in touch with us today to know more!

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